by Spree

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released November 25, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gabe Weitzman

Recorded at Studio A/B

Josh Pavel - Guitar/Vocals
Reece Reyno - Guitar
Canaan Fradette - Bass
Skye Holden - Drums/Guitar/Vocals

Cover art by Linda Spaghetti

[`frent?] [bred]



all rights reserved


Spree Stratford, Connecticut

toons from ct

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Track Name: Some Sunny Daze
some sunny days
i am waiting for the rain far away
come and take me from this place

some sunny days,
i can barely feel my pain
and the rain comes and takes me from this place

i saved my own life today
Track Name: Poof
i am not your prison cell
no i am not your living hell
no i am not your guardian
no i am not your dad

when you turn me off
and i turn you down
and you're watching me crawl holding me down
and when you say my name
and i'll say yours too
and you're watching me crawl
holding me down

you turn me off, holding me down
Track Name: Bugles
She don't even care that I'm living in this world
She don't even care and that's alright with me
I see her all the time when she's running through my daydreams
But she don't even care that she's right for me

But I will claw my eyes out before this thing is through
And she will watch me burn out from behind closed doors

Am I broke yet
Track Name: About Today
i got somebody who lives in the mirror
i got somebody to see when i'm feeling down
no one to call
i got nobody at all
Track Name: Golden Girl
well i know i think you should be mine
but if all i do is bring you down
then at least just give me one more try
i waved goodbye to the hairtie in a ponytail
but if all i do is make you blush and hide
then at least i made you feel at all

she could make me walk until my soles run to the ground
i could hear her talk about nothing until the clock melts from a solar flare
think about the times when I would try to win you over with the things you like
at least i'm something at all
Track Name: Carlos
hold on girl i don't know what i'm gonna do with you just yet but i bet
that by the end of this someone somehow is gonna end up dead

oh yeah

but what does it take
and why did i waste all of those
perfect golden afternoons
just tryna wait around for someone new
but what does it take
and why did i waste all of those days
why'd i waste those perfect days

hold on girl i don't know what you want so i'll just walk on by
at least i tried
but if you wanna dance you'll have to come and take me by the hand
Track Name: Rainey
just when you thought that things couldn't get worse
well you walked in on me when i was lying on the floor
traded feelings for flames and burned everything on the way
i thought my life would end in that plastic chair
spirits on the ground and in the air
you could hear the footsteps but from upstairs but i'm not dying just yet

changing my reasons, the people i know
change in the seasons and everything i stand for
ringside, with a broken jaw and a downed powerline
it's nothing that i don't know
and some things are just for show

just when you thought that things were starting to get better
well the month changed from august to september
and now i'm starting to remember
i thought my days were long and my nights too thin
get me up to speed before i head in
you could tell i'm thinking about something but i'm not telling you yet
Track Name: Up In Space
carry these broken bones
if i can't make it home
i'll ditch these tired hands
if i can't make it last
those times i wish i died
that was a wave goodbye
nothing left here to burn
no one left to turn to

but what
whatever little things you can't understand
and think about the times when i held your hand
with my mind stuck up in space
i can't believe that i'm done
i'm done with all that nah i'm done with it all
oh yeah i'm done with all that nah i'm done with it all

i watched you fall apart
we were dead from the start
some place where i can hide
you never even tried